03 February 2016

Afternoon circuit workout with Lauren and Julie. We did half a mile on the treadmill followed by a circuit of 4 buprees, 4 squat jumps, 4 pushups, 4 mountain climbers, and 4 knee-to-elbows as many times as you can for three minutes, then a minute rest, and repeat the whole thing three times.

Then I did two more miles starting at 7.5mph, and moving up to 7.7mph about half way through, then really cranking it up at the end, until I got to 9.0mph at the very end (but just for a tiny bit). I was thinking about my mile race at Margaretta where I hung out for most of it then made a strong appearance during the last lap for the first time ever. I think that was my junior year.

5.63 km