I play the guitar decently well, and have a whole list of instruments that I wish I could play better including piano, violin, harmonica, organ, and drums. But for what it's worth I am pretty good at the drums in the video game rockband.

One of my life goals is to be in a successful rock band. I formed my first band in seventh grade with my drummer/best friend Tyler, and have played in a bunch of bands since:

Daniel and the Dinosaurs (2010 - 2011)

I moved to LA in hopes of making it big. My band had some minor success, but we also cycled through a lot of members and never really stabilized. The only constant members were myself and Daniel Nunez. Videos available.

Alex and the Airplanes (2010)

This was a side project for a talent show. Photos available. Members: Josh Orndorff, Tyler Morehart, Mark Morehart, Alex Morehart, Conner Morehart

Halfway to Mediocrity (2009)

Tyler and I got together again to record some old It Pok tracks in 2009.

Everyday Song

Home At Last

Found Again (2009)

Amazing Grace (Testing Track)

Members: Josh Orndorff, Tyler Morehart, Joy Tweedie, (Tim Langenberg)

It Pok (2005 - 2006)

In 2005 we reunited as a three-piece to form our most successful lineup.

  • Burning Down the Zorphanage -- Our first studio (aka my parents' basement) LP
  • It Pokumentary
  • Concert at Huron United Methodist Church

Members: Josh Orndorff, Tyler Morehart, Sarah Orndorff

The Orphans & The Zorphans (c. 2002 - c. 2004)

After Dark Allusion's mild success, we regrouped to form the Orphans. Following a brief breakup (When Tyler and Alex associated with the seedy underbelly of the Huron OH music scene) and reunion we became the Zorphans. Our claims to fame were headlining a show at the Huron Conservation Club, playing the 2002 McCormick Middle School Halloween dance. For the record MMS still owes us $40 and two fans. Members: Josh Orndorff, Tyler Morehart, Alex Wyatt, Sarah Orndorff

Dark Allusion (c. 2001)

Dark Allusion was the direct successor to Harry Possum with a stabilized lineup. Our claims to fame are winning the 8th grade talent show and playing the Just sisters' birthday party. Around the same time we also recorded this ridiculous piece called "Joe Mama": Members: Josh Orndorff, Tyler Morehart, Chris McClure, Dom Camella

Harry Possum (c. 2000 - c. 2001.)

Harry possum formed in 2000 and existed for about a year. Members: Josh Orndorff, Tyler Morehart, Mike Lisk, Chris McClure, Gary Dickman


  • Pink Floyd
  • Rush
  • Billy Joel
  • U2
  • Journey
  • Creed
  • The Hold Steady
  • Men at Work
  • Ultravox