The Pingry School (2015 - 2018)

My most recent teaching position is at The Pingry School in Basking Ridge, NJ. I taught many levels of Computer Science.

Position Details

  • Survey of Computer Science
  • Introduction to Programming
  • AP Computer Science
  • Datastructures and Algorithms
  • Independant Research Team -- Blockchain Focus
  • Coached girls' cross country
  • Lego Robotics (middle school)
  • Computer Thinking and Design (Middle School)

Johns-Hopkins University -- Center for Talented Youth (2009 - 2017)

I first worked at Johns-Hopkins University's CTY summer program during the summer of 2009 as an administrative assistant, and ended up filling in as a teaching assistant. I've returned each summer to work in the classroom, and in summer 2012 was promoted to instructor. I love working at CTY, and I hope to return for many years to come. My complete curriculum is available for anyone to use for any purpose without restriction.

Position Details

  • Designed Electrical Engineering curriculum for talented high school students
  • Wrote individualized student evaluations for each student
  • Coordinated with and managed a teaching assistant
  • Ran joint activities with Fundamentals of Computer Science class
  • Served as a teaching assistant in Game Theory and Electrical Engineering (2009-2011)

Princeton International School of Mathematics and Science (2014)

My first full time teaching job after finishing my masters degree was in Princeton, NJ at a brand new startup school. I taught there for the spring semester of their first year, and the fall semester of their second year.

Position Details

  • Taught Physics at the AP B level
  • Designed the school's computer science curriculum and taught Introduction to Programming
  • Wrote the Physics and Computer science program evaluation standards during the accreditation process
  • Mentored original student research in Engineering and Computer Science

University of Toledo (2011 - 2013)

While attending the University of Toledo, I was employed as a teaching assistant, and I was responsible for running several undergraduate physics labs as well as some other general grading and help desk tasks.

Position Details

  • Taught over 100 students per semester
  • Helped to develop, improve, and rewrite the university's lab manuals
  • Graded exams and homework for large lectures
  • Supervised the department help desk

ACI Institute (2010 - 2011)

Upon my return to the United States after living in China, I moved to Los Angeles, and found work as a math teacher a supplemental school and tutoring agency called ACI institute. When I started at ACI, it was just another job, but this was my first teaching position when I just began to enjoy teaching my own class.

Position Details

  • Taught pre algebra and geometry
  • worked with small classes of 5-20 students
  • Wrote my own daily quizes (Geometry, Pre-Algebra)
  • Wrote individual student evaluations after each semester.

Guangzhou Worlda Cultural and Educational Services (2010)

After completing my bachelor's degree in January 2010, I was ready for a change of pace, and decided to spend some time in China. Teaching English is an easy job for Americans to get. I signed a one-semester contract with a Guangzhou-based company and bought a plane ticket. My photos from living in China are on this site as well (although they have little to do with my teaching experience).

Position Details

  • Taught over 1100 Chinese primary school (K-5) students
  • Wrote my own lesson plans each week
  • My lesson plans are available for anyone to use in any way they like
  • Taught to students who spoke little or no English
  • Taught 6 classes per day