Running Log

When did the run or ride happen?
Date Body Distance
11 Mar 2018

Riding around key West on day zero with the family.

14.00 km
07 Mar 2018

To Huron Avery and back. 24:49

4.80 km
03 Mar 2018

Afternoon run to Huron Avery and back. Out in 11:43 and back in 11:14.

4.80 km
27 Feb 2018

Windy ride to Bellevue and back.
Ride time: 2:31:20
Average speed: 21.8km/h

55.00 km
26 Feb 2018

Afternoon ride east of Huron. Computer wasn't working for the first little bit.
Average speed: 23.1 km/h
Ride time: 2:04ish

48.00 km
26 Feb 2018

Run walk it the pier and around Huron with Julie. Windy!

4.00 km
23 Feb 2018

Short evening ride around Huron fields. New chain felt nice, but brakes need work.
Ride time: 54.25
Average speed: 22.9km/h

20.77 km
19 Feb 2018

Afternoon run around the hills with Julie. 29:40

4.79 km
19 Feb 2018

Afternoon run around the old country club lol with Julie.

5.40 km
17 Feb 2018

Afternoon run in Black River road with Julie.

5.00 km
16 Feb 2018

Afternoon ride in Jersey. Warm for the season, but a little chilly once it started sprinkling. Found a cool loop that included black river road.
Rode time: 1:55:02
Average speed: 21.9 km/h

42.14 km
15 Feb 2018

Last training ride in NC. Got to Uwhare National Forest. It wasn't all that spectacular.
Ride time: 3:27:54
Average speed: 23.1km/h

80.00 km
14 Feb 2018

Training ride in NC. Got super disoriented when I went exploring.
Ride time: 3:37:47
Average speed: 22.1km/h

80.43 km
13 Feb 2018

Cold ride around 43F. Shoe covers help a ton. Heavy get probably do too, but my fingers were still pretty cold in the middle of the ride.
Ride time: 3:32:11
Average speed: 22.2km/h

78.70 km
12 Feb 2018

Overcast, but only slightly rainy training ride. Had my first shouter, but, as usual, he was too much of a pussy to stop and fight me. Also got chased by a dog.
Ride time: 3:18:41
Average speed: 23.0km

76.36 km
11 Feb 2018

Avoided all the rain that was forecasted for today's ride. The wind was tough in the last little bit, but seemed to favor me more than hurt me on most of the ride. Knee is feeling a little sore afterward. Hopefully it will be good to go again by morning.
Ride time: 4:02:30
Average speed: 22.5 km/h

91.28 km
10 Feb 2018

Misty ride, but not bad overall. It was a short day at two hours.
Average speed: 23.4km/h

47.76 km
09 Feb 2018

Did the whole lot of planned yesterday and added on a few km at the end to hit 100. Felt way better with a snack!
Ride time: 4:20
Average speed: 23.0km/h

100.00 km
08 Feb 2018

Second training ride rely weather because it was sunny and no rain. But I forgot to take food, so 86 km was rough. Stopped at a gas station for a ketchup packet about 3/4 through and it helped just enough to get me home.

Ride time: 3:50:29
Average speed: 22.4 km/h

86.30 km
07 Feb 2018

First training ride at Uncle John's. Took off in the rain and my forehead was super cold. Shoe covers kept my feet nice and warm although not totally dry. Luckily the rain stopped after like half an hour.

Ended up going 70km in 3 hours.

70.00 km
29 Jan 2018

Afternoon ride around the 567 loop. It was 44F outside, and I was plenty warm with all the new cold weather gear.

42.80 km
23 Jan 2018

Evening run with Julie around the hills. My belly was full of rice and burnt veggie burgers.

5.50 km
22 Jan 2018

Afternoon ride around the shortened 567 loop.

First ride of the new year and tried out some christmas gifts. The long-sleeve riding jacket is amazing. The helmet isn't as bad as I expected but I need more experience before I can make a real decision. I did end up with a headache, but it is more likely because I forgot sunglasses than because of the helmet.

30.00 km
20 Jan 2018

Night run after drinking in Morristown with Julie and Jackie. Pushed hard to destress.

3.90 km
19 Jan 2018

Evening run around the foothill loop. Left my workout bag at school, so I ran in my summer shoes without the knee strap. Knee felt fine, but left foot hurt as usual. It wasn't an easy run, but went well considering my current fitness level. Legs are a little sore already.

8.50 km
12 Jan 2018

Evening run around the hills with Julie. First run of the new year.

4.80 km