My passion for science and critical thinking skills began as early as I can remember. Throughout my childhood I was interested in how the world worked, and why it worked the way it did. My strong subjects in elementary school were math and science. But by middle school science interested me less and less as it turned from thinking and exploring to memorizing vocabulary words to describe unexplained biological processes. Luckily my seventh grade and eighth grade science teachers began to again show me the fun in exploring the natural world. The rest of my education information is outlined below. This information is also summarized on my resume.

High School Diploma

High school diploma from Huron High School

Huron High School

In 2006 I graduated from Huron High School, a small public school in northern Ohio. While there I took a standard lot of English and History courses, and completed sciences up to AP Chemistry and math up to AP calculus.

Notable Accomplishments

  • GPA: 3.188
  • Attended classes at Terra Technical College
  • AP Physics score: 5
  • AP Calculus score: 5
Bachelors of Science in Physics Degree

Bachelors of science degree from Calvin College

Calvin College

After high school I went on to study physics at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Notable Accomplishments


Masters of science degree from the University of Toledo

University of Toledo

Having taken a few years off after my bachelor's degree, I decided to return to school in the fall of 2011 to start a masters degree in physics.

Notable Accomplishments