30 September 2017

5k and 10k at Duke Island Park. This was the best running day I've had in a really long time. 5k was 20:30ish beating my 21:00 goal. 10 was 44:00ish beating my 50:00 goal, and my original 45:00 goal that I decided was unrealistic. I pushed hard in the 5k, and picked people off the whole time climbing from 10th to 5th. Then I missed a turn and two dude passed me and I had to get them again. I didn't plan to push hard during to 10k, but there were some people just hanging in front of me so I decided I better get them. And then more people started coming back to me. Then I realized I was getting a good time and decided to keep the pace. At the end I realized I could potentially challenge a guy and imagined the cross country girls telling me to "reel him in". So I started pushing. Had a minor motivational setback when I realized there was more of the course remaining than I had expected, but still caught up to him. I challenged with a firm but maintainable pace. Whenever he tried to pickup the pace I stayed steady and he quickly settled back to my pace. When I picked it up he went with me, but I never eased up again. I just kept building and eventually he broke.

16.00 km