28 March 2016

Afternoon run right after school. After setting my Foothill loop PR yesterday, I went fairly hard again today and set it got my time down to 29:30. A full 1:06 off of yesterday. I feel good because I kept pushing the whole time, successfully got myself to only think about the next stage of the loop, and took a big bite off my time, but I also realized that that is still over about 20:30 pace for a 5k, and even though I was still pushing throughout the loop, there were parts, like the uphill on Foothill, where I wasn't actually going that fast or looking that strong. I guess that means I still have improvement ahead of me, but we already knew that. I'm curious whether I would be able to do my classic 400, 800, 1600, 800, 400 workout at 6:00 pace at this fitness level. Maybe I'll try it soon.

But at least tomorrow will be not so hard.

7.20 km