Burning Down the Zorphanage

Burning Down the Zorphanage (2006) is the debut release of alternative rock band It Pok. Although the albums production is clearly the work of learning amateurs, and the band did little to acknowledge their lack of strong vocals, the album is widely regarded (among the band at least) as very awesome. The people who don't think its awesome just don't get it (although who can really blame them?). Despite the mixed critical reception after its Valentine's Day '06 release, the album art and booklet is widely regarded as "totally righteous bro".

Front Cover

Booklet Page 1 (Note the missing music credit for Northridge Overature. The only remaining version of these files appears to be a rough draft. Credit goes to John O'Riely.)

Booklet Page 2

Booklet Page 3

Booklet Page 4

Booklet Page 5

Back Cover (Track listing is missing. That file is lost.)