Running Log

When did the run or ride happen?
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19 Feb 2019

Afternoon run in Lyndhurst OH (east side of Cleveland) while fiance was interviewing at University School.

0.00 km
26 Feb 2019

Afternoon run to the park fountain and back. Got going kind of fast at the end of each direction.

0.00 km
06 Mar 2019

Warmup for lifting on the treadmill.

0.00 km
30 Jan 2019

1km warmup on treadmill at gym before cardio.

1.00 km
13 Feb 2019

Warmup on the treadmill before lifting with Bernadette.

1.00 km
29 Jan 2019

2km on treadmill at gym after lifting.

2.00 km
09 Apr 2019

Around the hills drive with Julie.

2.80 km
18 Mar 2019

To the lake and one lap around in Bedminster.

3.20 km
18 Mar 2019

To the lake and one lap around with Julie. This second run was in the evening. First two-a-day in years.

3.20 km
21 Mar 2019

Rainy night run to the lake and one lap around. There was some scary sounding moose-dog at the beginning of the lap, so I didn't do a second one.

3.20 km
14 Mar 2019

Run to the slackline spot by the tennis court with George and back.

4.00 km
12 Apr 2019

Evening run in the rain around the walking path by Julie's parents in Deleware. Went twice around, but walked the backside on the second lap. Got a little dark by the time I was done.

4.00 km
30 Apr 2019

Evening run/walk around the fidget spinner with Nicole.

4.00 km
17 Jun 2019

Afternoon run twp laps around the lake by Julie's. I guess it's probably the last time I'll run there.

4.30 km
17 Mar 2019

Afternoon run around the lake.

4.40 km
10 Apr 2019

To the lake, two laps around, and back. Walked up the hill.

4.50 km
28 Feb 2019

Evening run to root rd and back. Slow at times, fast at times. Lots of ice on the lake.

4.50 km
02 Feb 2019

Afternoon treadmill. Trying to get some data at reasonable speeds. Stuck at 8mph today, and made it 3 miles.

4.80 km
17 Feb 2019

Afternoon run with Julie to root road. It was coooold.

Time was 26:23.

4.80 km
29 Mar 2019

Mid Morning run to root rd. It was colder than expected. Overall good run.

4.80 km
04 Apr 2019

Night run to root rd and back. Decided to go east because of wind, but didn't notice it much on the way out. Felt like a champ on the way back, and kicked it into high gear for a while.

My foot hurt as I was walking up the driveway. I'm starting to worry I broke it on Christmas Eve.

4.80 km
05 Nov 2019

Morning run doing laps around St Just at Parity retreat. Ran with a group then with Kian, then with Jimmy.

5.00 km
04 May 2019

Ran to Holmes Place (took the train back).

5.00 km
09 May 2019

Afternnon run around a shot version of the fidget spinner with Nicole.

We took a shopping bag which made the slide muuuch faster and more fun.

5.00 km
08 Jul 2019

First run in a while. Discovered first ave and the block behind the cop station.

5.40 km
22 Oct 2019

Afternoon run to downtown Lorain. around the loop by the boat ramp and police station.

5.43 km
23 Oct 2019

Another run around downtown loop.

5.43 km
19 Mar 2019

To the lake and three laps around.

5.70 km
19 Jan 2019

Afternoon run around the lake in Jersey with Julie.

5.93 km
08 Nov 2019

Morning run with Jimmy at the company retreat. We discovered a stone path. It was super nice, but also short; we ran it end to end.

6.00 km
15 Mar 2019

Afternoon run/walk around the "gravel path" with Julie.

6.00 km
08 May 2019

Afternoon run around the fidget spinner and down the slide with Nicole.

6.00 km
20 Mar 2019

Evening run around the horseshoe. Two laps.

6.00 km
07 Apr 2019

Cherry blossom 5k. Good start to the racing season. 21:30. Ahead of my Turkey dash last fall where I finished in 22:30.

6.00 km
08 Mar 2019

Evening run to the park. South side of the bridge is open now, and I never crossed back to the north side. Bonded with a tree stump in the part of the park on the south side. It was cold and still and I was steaming.

6.40 km
07 Feb 2019

Afternoon treadmill. 4miles 7.5mph 1%. Only bumped the emergency stop button once.

6.40 km
16 Feb 2019

To the park and back. Finally got my new shoes back. Felt nice.

6.40 km
28 Mar 2019

Evening run to the park and back.

6.40 km
03 Jan 2019

Morning run to the park and back. We're back to running/driving on the north side of the bridge.

6.40 km
03 Mar 2019

Afternoon run to the park and back.

6.40 km
05 Jan 2019

Noon run to the park and back. I guess I really do need new shoes.

6.40 km
07 Mar 2019

To the park and back.

6.40 km
07 May 2019

Evening run around the fidget spinner in Berlin.

6.60 km
16 Mar 2019

Evening moonlight run around the lake in Bedminster after returning from wedding venue shopping. Did four nice laps. Some of them fast.

7.00 km
23 Feb 2019

Evening run to the far end of the park and back.

7.50 km
13 Mar 2019

Afternoon run around the formerly gravel trail with George.

8.00 km
11 Apr 2019

Another lap around the gravel path.

8.00 km
09 Feb 2019

Morning treadmill at the gym before hanging with Sarah. Still can't figure out the workout modes. 5 miles at 7mph.

8.00 km
08 Apr 2019

Around the gravel path to get sorer like Julie was after the ten mile and sympathize more. Was a nice run.

8.00 km
12 Jan 2019

Noon run around downtown Lorain. First run in my new shoes, and first run that long in a while. Definitely the longest run of 2019.

8.80 km
13 Aug 2019

Training run for Alina's Leadville 100. Started with Julie, finished alone.

9.60 km
18 Aug 2019

PAcing Alina on the last 13 miles of her Leadville 100. Running distance is estimated since we were hiking and walking a lot.

10.00 km
28 May 2019

Ride to Ford dealership in Vermilion and back.

33.00 km