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Daily Thought is Retired 0 14 Nov 2019
Sick Laundry 0 10 Nov 2019

I did laundry in the sink for the first time. Cool experience, but I broke a major seat winging it all out.

SFBW 0 28 Oct 2019

Not I'm at San Francisco Blockchain week. I guess it's conference season.

First Rust Conference 0 18 Oct 2019

I'm at my first Rust conference!! https://rust-belt-rust.com/

Rolled ankle 0 09 Sep 2019

Rolled my ankle again today. Made kick starting the dirt bike extra hard.

Found my boat 0 08 Sep 2019

Found my first homemade boat in the mud out back. Still looking pretty good!

Water Polo 0 07 Sep 2019

Made it to Bethel for my third stint. Highlight so far: waterpolo

Unmaintained 0 03 Sep 2019

I don't post here very much anymore. Help encourage me to move this site somewhere better.

Happy birthday Mom 0 14 Aug 2019

Happy Birthday Mom!

I love you Julie 0 28 Jul 2019

I love you Julie

Marriage License 0 25 Jul 2019

Julie and I got our marriage license today. <3

Slept in 0 18 Jul 2019

Today I woke up at 6:42. My workout started at 7:00. Felt kind of Camp Fitch-y getting woken up and warmed up that fast. But I survived!

Wedding Guest Bingo 0 08 Jul 2019

We're gonna have a fun game at our wedding. Get ready to play #WeddingGuestBingo

Fireflies 0 04 Jul 2019

Fireflies are back for the summer!

Keybase 1 02 Jul 2019

[Keybase](https://keybase.io) seems awesome! #StrongCrypto is coming to the masses. What an exciting time to be alive.

Kayaking 0 26 Jun 2019

We went kayaking in the lake today!

Moving Week 0 18 Jun 2019

Moving Week!

Planted a tree 0 13 Jun 2019

I planted a tree yesterday! But I think it's dead today. Leaves got eaten. Have to try again.

Second ear infection 0 12 Jun 2019

My second ear is also infected :(

Runtime OS 0 10 Jun 2019

Writing a runtime is a lot like writing an operating system for the blockchain.

3 spark plugs 0 06 Jun 2019

I hate it when the parts store has 3 spark plugs, but the engine needs 4.

Ruptured Ear Drum 0 31 May 2019

Ouchy, I ruptured my eardrum. Pretty scary, but getting better now.

Substrate Collaborative Learning 0 30 May 2019

Come join us at [Substrate Collaborative Learning](https://www.reddit.com/r/substrate/comments/bukfoc/substrate_collaborat…) This Monday at noon.

Goodbye nighthawk 0 28 May 2019

Decided to sell the nighthawk that I rode back from Alaska.

Bachelor Party 0 27 May 2019

Thanks for the awesome bachelor party everyone!!

Sub0 Talk 0 23 May 2019

My sub0 talk about a UTXO-style pi-calc blockchain design is recorded. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYKxdb0YcXs (10 min)

Last day 0 21 May 2019

Last full day in Berlin. Can't wait to come back.

Primitives 0 14 May 2019

I really need to learn how to spell "primitives". It isn't like primate. Too many compiler errors each day for `runtime_primatives`.

Happy Birthday 0 12 May 2019

Happy Birthday Sarah! And happy Mother's day Mom!

First AOC in rust 0 08 May 2019

Solved my first AOC problem in rust today!

Cold in Berlin 0 07 May 2019

When does summer start in Berlin? t's cold here.

Boulder Klub 0 05 May 2019

Made it back to Boulder Klub today!

Gym run 0 04 May 2019

Ran to the gym, then lifted. Hope I keep that routine up.

Forgotten semicolon 0 02 May 2019

Forgotten semicolons have always been a pain, but at least most compilers can identify them pretty easily. No such luck with rustc.

May Day 0 01 May 2019

May Day wasn't nearly at rioty as I heard it might be. Just a fun street festival.

First Day 0 30 Apr 2019

Had my first official day as a Parity employee. So far so good.

Wedding weekend 0 29 Apr 2019

Awesome wedding weekend everyone! Congrats Beth and Saint! Fun family time too!

Arrived in Germany 0 23 Apr 2019

Hope sub0 is as fun and exciting as RCon2 was last April.

Berlin Planning 0 19 Apr 2019

Thanks for helping me get prepared for the Berlin trip, fiance.

Parity 0 16 Apr 2019

Starting full-time work at Parity at the end of this month!

2019 Racing Season 0 08 Apr 2019

Opened the 2019 racing season with 21:30. That's ahead of where I closed out last thanksgiving.

Mutability 0 03 Apr 2019

Learning functional programming made me a way better programmer. But it also made me hate mutability.

Pierogis 0 28 Mar 2019

Pierogis. Yummy.

Ten pullups 0 23 Mar 2019

Just did 10 pullups for the first time since I was a teenager.

First Fire 0 21 Mar 2019

First Fire in the Coxe family fireplace in a few seasons. Glad to be part of it.

Rust 0 17 Mar 2019

Finally digging in on rust.

Roadside nap 0 13 Mar 2019

Made it all the way into Jersey without needing a roadside nap, but couldn't quite make it all the way to Julie's.

Firewood 0 09 Mar 2019

The big limb that fell two months ago in the ice storm finally unfroze from the mountain today. Free fire!

Windows Hello privacy 0 08 Mar 2019

Yay! Windows Hello has a good privacy modeI

you can rest assured that the info that identifies your face, iris, or fingerprint never leaves your device. Windows never stores pictures or images of your face, iris, or fingerprint on your device or anywhere else.

Out of sticks 0 06 Mar 2019

I'm officially out of sticks.

151 pullup style 0 02 Mar 2019

Did 151 pullup-style today.

Pullup bar 0 26 Feb 2019

I'm thinking of a ton of uses for the pullup bar.

TSA closes 0 21 Feb 2019

Huh, turns out TSA closes at 10:00 in Cleveland. Not a great experience for customers with late night flights.

Julie said yes 0 17 Feb 2019

Julie said yes 💍

Hockey fights 0 13 Feb 2019

So many wasted minutes looking for videos of baseball fights. All the good fights are in hockey.

First real flying of 2019 0 10 Feb 2019

First real flying of 2019!

MS Surface 0 06 Feb 2019

Typing this from my new ms surface. Kinda miss the keyboard.

Lake Walking 0 31 Jan 2019

Finally walked on frozen lake surface!

Icy Lake Erie 0 23 Jan 2019

The lake is freezing!

End of Christmas 0 12 Jan 2019

Christmas decs are down. Just a few more cold months until spring.

First IPFS 0 10 Jan 2019

Put my first file on ipfs today!

Bitcoin Paper 0 09 Jan 2019

Just re-read the bitcoin whitepaper. Maybe I'll make it an annual thing. I was surprised to realize it never uses the word "blockchain" (or phrase "block chain"). Anyway, it's a really nice not-that-technical read weighing in at only 8 pages.

New Shoes 0 08 Jan 2019

Finally Getting new running shoes today!

First Quine 0 04 Jan 2019

I finally wrote my first self-reproducing program (aka quine) https://github.com/JoshOrndorff/TrustingTrust/

Bye Julie 0 03 Jan 2019

Bye Julie 👋

Shape Shift 0 01 Jan 2019

Just discovered that Shape Shift now requires government ID verification. And Changelly no longer supports Monero. The war against financial privacy is on.

Mary Poppins 0 26 Dec 2018

I've finally seen Mary Poppins.

Birthday Surprise 0 23 Dec 2018

Awesome birthday surprise this year.

Confusing TODO item 0 20 Dec 2018

Sometimes I write stuff on my todo list and later forget what it meant. It currently says "beer necklace odometer". WTF was that supposed to mean?

Famous in Korea 0 19 Dec 2018

I'm famous in Korea (kinda) https://blockdaily.com/2018/12/19/4336/

Crypto Regulations 0 18 Dec 2018

As more governments try to cobble together regulations around decentralized technologies, let me remind you that regulations are only as "real" as their ability to be enforced. Cryptography has your back here. There's never been a better time for run-of-the-mill libertarians to understand GPG, TLS, Tor, zk-SNARKs.

Back from Korea 0 16 Dec 2018

Made it back from Korea. Now to get back on a schedule.

Rholang 151 0 14 Dec 2018

Rounded out the rholang workshop with 151! https://youtu.be/CRRUFmo0NKc

Made it to Korea 0 08 Dec 2018

Made it to Seoul. Heading out to the country today.

Day 5 0 05 Dec 2018

Yay, I solved AOC day 5 before going to sleep!

Javascript Tuples 0 03 Dec 2018

Today I learned: Javascript doesn't have tuples.

First Haskell AOC 0 01 Dec 2018

Solved the first advent of code 2018 problem. First time I've ever solved one in haskell. In the morning I'll give it a go in rholang.

Back in the flow 0 26 Nov 2018

Back in the flow of a work week after break.

Two Wonderful Thanksgivings 0 24 Nov 2018

Had two very happy thanksgivings this year. Lots to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgivings 0 23 Nov 2018

Happy Thanksgivings!

Crypto winter 0 19 Nov 2018

Crypto market is a blood bath. XRP up to number 2 spot. This is the first time I've felt like a real hodler. (and user to the extent practical)

dist-upgrade 0 14 Nov 2018

In the middle of a dist-upgrade. Could get shiny new features, or an unbootable system. Hard to tell. A programmer's roulette wheel.

Encrypsulation 0 13 Nov 2018

Pretty excited about my idea for secure secret exchange. I call it encrypsulation.

Shower Drain 0 09 Nov 2018

Shower drain is finally unclogged! Hooray!

Parents' weekend 0 04 Nov 2018

Had a fun weekend with Julie's and my parents.

Circuit Workouts 0 30 Oct 2018

Circuit Workouts are killing me. I hope I'm getting in shape!

Coding fun 0 29 Oct 2018

Did some fun coding today! Looking forward to getting back into bitstory.

Hitting the fan 0 25 Oct 2018

Man, it's really hitting the fan at the coop. I really hope that the good ideas live through the bad business decisions and ensuing distrust. I'll do my best anyway.

Not to do 0 22 Oct 2018

That liberating feeling of crossing something off your todo list because the deadline is long since past and you finally admit that you're just never gonna get to it.

#100 0 19 Oct 2018

Today could be the last day that RHOC is in the top 100.

Email 0 16 Oct 2018

Didn't check my email until 4:00 today. Haven't gotten so much done in a long time.

First Workout 0 13 Oct 2018

Had my first workout with my trainer today. Hamstrings are soooo sore.

Food Poisoning 0 12 Oct 2018

Food poisoning is the worst. Sooooo much puking.

SFBW 0 09 Oct 2018

Having a great time at San Francisco Blockchain Week!

San Francisco Blockchain Week 0 04 Oct 2018

Getting excited about blockchain week.

Twins 0 02 Oct 2018

Happy birthday Lillian and Rayrod!

Spectrum Privacy 0 01 Oct 2018

Spectrum cable requires customers to agree to a privacy policy before using their service. But they do not allow users to read said privacy policy before agreeing. Oh well, we all know those documents don't mean anything anyway.

Gitcoin 0 29 Sep 2018

Just funded my first gitcoin bounty. Hope someone takes it. https://gitcoin.co/issue/JoshOrndorff/BitStory/1/1298

Too much beer 0 25 Sep 2018

#RookieMistake in rholang

Keys day 0 24 Sep 2018

Got the keys to my new place today.