Daily Thought Archive

Title Comments Date Thought Text
PEZ Loading 1 13 Feb 2017 This always happens when I try to load a PEZ dispenser!
Bitcoin Blackjack 0 11 Feb 2017 First ever hand of blackjack for bitcoin was a success.
Block Chains 0 10 Feb 2017

Prediction. Future historians will be fascinated with the stream of consciousness that our society has hashed into blockchains.

Snow day 0 09 Feb 2017

I'm sooooo happy we finally got a snow day.

First bitcoins 0 07 Feb 2017

Looks like the first bitcoins I'll spend will pay my lost superbowl wager. 🏈😢

Orders of growth 0 04 Feb 2017

My list of interesting programs to write someday seems to be growing faster than my list of interesting programs I've written.

Groundhog Day 0 02 Feb 2017

This is one time where television really fails to capture the true excitement of a large squirrel predicting the weather.

Draft Dodger 0 01 Feb 2017

Many people think of the term, "draft dodger" as a pejorative. I would take it as a compliment.

PCness 0 30 Jan 2017

I'm optimistic that maybe this wave of political correctness will pass like the scumware plague of the mid 2000s did.

Analogys 1 29 Jan 2017

I love when real-world analogies appear in academic literature:

Solving the puzzle should be like having a baby: two women can't have a baby in 4.5 months.

Out of Shape 0 28 Jan 2017

Running is much harder when I'm out of shape.

Wet dream journal 0 25 Jan 2017

Ohhh no. I spilled my water all over my dream journal.

Opening a CD 0 24 Jan 2017

I haven't opened a new CD in over a decade until today. I forgot how much of a pain it is to peel off the plastic, AND the side sticker.

Handwritten Code 0 23 Jan 2017

Grading code that is handwritten on paper is the WORST!

Two phase 0 21 Jan 2017

This two-phase sleep cycle is not so bad.

Podcasts 0 19 Jan 2017

I'm getting into podcasts now.

Last week of Semester 0 17 Jan 2017

This is the last week of the semester. Almost there!

Stack Overflow 0 15 Jan 2017

Finally have enough reputation on Stack Overflow to vote. Maybe someday I'll be able to post comments.

Sockets 0 13 Jan 2017

I'm finally starting to understand a bit about coding with sockets. But just a bit. That stuff is hard!

Dean Interview 0 11 Jan 2017

Just interviewed for Academic Dean this summer.

Wheel truing 0 07 Jan 2017

Just trued my first two bicycle wheels. One practice and one real.

Singing Lesson 0 05 Jan 2017

Had my first of what is hopefully many singing lessons today.

Alarm Clocks 0 04 Jan 2017

Hypothesis: I remember dreams more* when I wake up naturally than I do when I'm woken up by an alarm clock.

* I realize that I've glossed over a rigorous method of quantifying the degree to which a dream is remembered.

Shift 0 03 Jan 2017

Apparently I only ever use the right shift key. I never noticed that before.

Sleep Schedule 0 02 Jan 2017

My sleep schedule got soooo messed up. I'm going to have a tough time at work tomorrow.

Switched over 0 30 Dec 2016

I'm officially all switched over to my new computer. Thanks mom and dad :)

Day 11 0 25 Dec 2016

OMG, I finally solved day 11 in the Advent of Code. I learned so much about sets along the way.

Website Hurting 0 24 Dec 2016

My website is hurting right now. I hope I can find time and motivation to restore it to its former glory.

Password too short 0 17 Dec 2016

Funny reflection on password cracking

If someone has a strong, random, 20-character password, it could take centuries. But most people use passwords like "horselover49", "letmein" or "penis" (though the latter might be too short), which are much easier to crack.

Christmas Light Runs 0 13 Dec 2016

Lots of good Christmas Light Runs recently.

Pulled Love Handle 0 10 Dec 2016

I pulled a muscle in my left love handle. ouchy ouchy ouchy.

Recursion Depth 0 10 Dec 2016

Today was the first time I wrote working code that exceeded the python maximum recursion depth. (Before it had always been a bug.)

Interesting Things 0 08 Dec 2016

There are so many super interesting things to think about. How could I have time for things like grocery shopping?

Advent of Code 0 05 Dec 2016

The Advent of Code is awesome!

December Running 0 03 Dec 2016

December has been great for running so far. I hope I keep it up.

Today's MVP 0 01 Dec 2016

Today's MVP: Alexandra Elbakyan. For her work on sci-hub.io .

Private Key Exposure 0 27 Nov 2016

Yesterday at the airport a guy in a camouflage hat with an american flag sat down next to me, got out his laptop, opened up an ascii-armored RSA Private key, which I clearly saw, VNCed into a remote linux desktop over public wifi, and proceeded to search stack overflow for how to articles. Meanwhile, his wife and kids cheered, "go daddy go; crack those keys".

I'm pretty sure that dude is my arch nemesis.

Thanksgiving 0 22 Nov 2016

I'm soooo ready for this Thanksgiving break.

Winter Begins 0 20 Nov 2016

Yesterday morning I raced in nothing but short shorts. Yesterday evening I set up a tent to keep the falling snow off the firewood.

Sunset Telescope 1 14 Nov 2016

Sunset through the telescope

Bye pink cup 0 13 Nov 2016

I think the pink cup might be lost for good.

Equal Sign 1 09 Nov 2016

I find it interesting how many "math people" abuse the equal sign.

Today I saw a "lesson" that tried to explain how to multiply 3 x 40 like this:

3 x 4 = 12 x 10 = 120

Vote Snowden 0 07 Nov 2016

Snowden for president :)

Euler Diagrams 0 06 Nov 2016

All this time I thought I loved Venn Diagrams, but it turns out I really love Euler diagrams.

Research Team 0 03 Nov 2016

I'm so excited about my research team starting soon.

Woodpecker 0 30 Oct 2016

The last two mornings, I've woken up to the sound of a woodpecker pecking the house.

Brilliant ideas 0 27 Oct 2016

I wish that implementing my brilliant ideas was as easy as having them.

Pinky stick 0 24 Oct 2016

It's a pretty good day of work when part of your afternoon is getting the pinky ball stuck on the gym ceiling and knocking it back down with a long stick.

Lindsay and Steve 0 24 Oct 2016

Congratulations Lindsay and Steve. Excellent wedding weekend.

Language Usage 0 20 Oct 2016

Language usage is interesting to me because different, sometimes small, populations follow different usage rules. Sometimes the population turns out to just be me.

I think the past tense of drag is drug, and I think the following sentences parses just fine:

Do you know what time the race is or we will be leaving for Blair on Wednesday?

World Series 0 19 Oct 2016

World Series, here we come!

New Language 0 16 Oct 2016

I'm learning my first functional programming language: Haskell.

New Shoes 0 15 Oct 2016

New running shoes feel great after one run.

Mitochondria 0 14 Oct 2016

I'm starting to feel like a mitochondrion.

New firewood 0 13 Oct 2016

First load of firewood for the winter is in the garage. Can't believe winter is coming again already.

Raspberry Pi 0 10 Oct 2016

Learning Raspberry Pi might actually be pretty fun.

Congratulations Alina 0 09 Oct 2016

Congratulations on your marathon, Alina!

ebow 0 06 Oct 2016

Finally ordered the ebow today. It only took five years of consideration.

Successful Race 0 05 Oct 2016

Cross Country girls beat every team in the conference in the batch race today.

Babysitting 0 04 Oct 2016

I'm starting to realize that while I do like teaching, I don't like babysitting rich kids and kissing rich parents' asses.

Which one is on 0 30 Sep 2016

I normally really like Google's UI choices, but this switch is totally unintuitive.

Which one is one?

PC 0 29 Sep 2016

I hate when people say, "I use a PC too". And expect me to commiserate with their windows issues.

Sore Abs 0 28 Sep 2016

Doing situps everyday has definitely only worked out a small part of my abs. They're so sore from the 80s workout.

One Year Without Rutter 0 26 Sep 2016

Here's to remembering John Rutter, a badass musician, scientist, teacher, stoner, and friend.

Hope you've found that black car that shimmers and drives.

We miss you, Rutter.

29 January 1963
27 September 2015

Back to Biking 0 25 Sep 2016

I'm rededicating to biking to school this week. Bought full-fingered gloves to help.

Pinky Throwing Injury 0 22 Sep 2016

I railed my elbow into the refrigerator door while throwing the pinky ball.

Spilled PBR 0 20 Sep 2016

You know it will be a good day when the first thing you do is spill a half drank PBR off your nightstand into your sock drawer.

Rain 0 19 Sep 2016

Does rain count as a good excuse not to bike to work, or was I just being a sleepy wimp?

Hanging Boat 0 17 Sep 2016

Started engineering a system to hang the boat from the garage ceiling.

Spray Paint Finger 0 15 Sep 2016

My pointer finger tip is asleep after using a can of spray paint.

I'm calling this condition painter's finger.

Safety safety 0 14 Sep 2016

Safety culture sucks.

Second Slackline 0 13 Sep 2016

Installing a second slackline was brilliant!

Guitar lessons 0 11 Sep 2016

I wish all these guitar lessons were on youtube in 2001.

Bike Rack 0 08 Sep 2016

I wouldn't have parked my bike in the hallway if you had a bike rack!

First Day 0 07 Sep 2016

After one day of school my stats are:
Classes remembered: 1/1
Department meetings: 0/1

Pandora 0 06 Sep 2016

Listening to Pink Floyd on Pandora is so annoying because the songs are supposed to run from one into the next, but instead one ends and something totally new comes on.

Ancient Sumerian Grill 0 05 Sep 2016

The Ancient Sumerian Grill kicked butt at our cookout!

Boat Name? 0 04 Sep 2016

What does everyone think of the boat name, "Shake Your Assay"?

It's the name of a song Rutter used to sing. What's an assay?

Short Shorts 0 02 Sep 2016

I love my new short shorts, but they are definitely not for biking.

40s prom 0 01 Sep 2016

Tonight is the first ever non-CTY 40s prom. I'm so excited!

Great job, ladies! 0 30 Aug 2016

Running with the team is great because of all the encouragement. But it's funny because all that encouragement comes as, "Great job, ladies!"

Jam Session 0 29 Aug 2016

Awesome jam session, house!

Waterbottle 0 28 Aug 2016

Sometimes when I get thirsty on the motorcycle, my instinct is to reach down for a bicycle water bottle.

Food diary 0 27 Aug 2016

I'm excited to be starting my first food diary. I hope it will help me lose weight and eat smarter.

Pintles and Grudgeons 2 25 Aug 2016

Pintles and Grudgeons are mounted on the boat. It's coming together.

Record Skips 0 22 Aug 2016

Nothing is quite as frustrating as when you're jamming out to a song, and the record or CD skips.

AOL email 0 21 Aug 2016

I actually chuckle when I see an @aol.com email still in the wild.

Back to Jersey 0 20 Aug 2016

I'm back to Jersey, time to get serious about school.

(and buy electric guitars)

Milwaukee 0 17 Aug 2016

I'm impressed Milwaukee; thanks for a great time.

Happy Birthday Mom 0 14 Aug 2016

Happy 50th Birthday Mom!

Collective Soul 0 11 Aug 2016

Collective Soul rocks so hard I can barely believe it.

Awesome Lightning 0 10 Aug 2016

I saw some of the coolest lightning of my life tonight.

Slowness 0 08 Aug 2016

I sometimes use Wolfram Alpha to calculate my running pace. It isn't very encouraging when it interprets my input as "slowness".

Perfect Week 0 07 Aug 2016

Completed my first ever perfect week at Sheetz yesterday.

Bumper sticker 0 06 Aug 2016

I'm so happy I finally won one of the CTY bumper sticker awards!

24 Hours 0 05 Aug 2016

Down to the last 24 hours in Carlisle. This is the hardest part of the year.

01 August 2016 0 03 Aug 2016

Going to etch printed circuit boards in class tomorrow. Hope it goes alright.

Sheetz reboot 0 01 Aug 2016

I successfully rebooted the Sheetz menu computer. Next step is to hack into it and restore the old menu format.

Slip and Slide 0 31 Jul 2016

Slip and Slide was super fun!

Etching Fail 0 29 Jul 2016

First attempt at PCB etching: failed.